Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Under the Hood: May 2009 Edition

Positive second derivative! Ok, I didn't check that, but at least for Ford and GM the rate of decline seems to be lessening. Toyota, however, got hammered again.

The bottom has definitely been found.

Lincoln wins the least bad brand performance title this month by actually increasing sales. Izuzu seems to have finally worked off its US inventory.

Subaru remains at the top here.

New graph! Entirely unsurprising contents! (Except July 2005 - what happened there? Was that an employee pricing month?)

Another new graph. This one doesn't tell me much.


Ari said...

Hey these are really interesting charts—where are you getting the data from … do you have to wind up paying for it?

PeakVT said...

Ari - I've picked the brand data out of various press releases, newspaper articles, and blog posts. The gross sales and population data comes from the Federal Reserve's Fred2 data pile. Paying for the data would make the process a lot easier but doubt I could afford the subscription.

Ari said...

Thanks ... I was looking at all of those data going back and they didn't always perfectly match up; I think it is being constantly revised. It's interesting that the census bureau or BTS doesn't have a better handle on it. Great blog, btw, and even though I was born and raised a Flatlander and live in the Midwest, I do quite like Vermont.

PeakVT said...

Ari - what data do you see not lining up? Note that the sales numbers in the first graph are seasonally adjusted, and all the others are not.