Friday, April 27, 2012

Has the Jury Reached Its Verdict?

The hypothesis: austerity now will increase growth rates because businesses will invest because they will be confident that interest rates (or inflation, or something) will remain low.

The counter-hypothesis: austerity now will reduce growth rates (which can go below zero) because the government will spend less and tax more, which will cause businesses to be uncertain about having enough demand for their products, and thus to hold off on investments.

The test: austerity.

The results: Austerity has reduced growth because the government is spending less and taxing more, which has left business uncertain if they will have enough demand for their products and causing them to hold off on investments.

The verdict: suck it, austerians.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Grody to the Max

Today I spent the afternoon taking apart and reassembling my Kenmore-branded Whirlpool-made top-loading clothes washer (Series 80, model number 110.27822790).  What I found was so disgusting it's against the Geneva Convention to post pictures of it.  Well, actually, I didn't take pictures because I always forget to take pictures once I get my head into a project.  But it was disgusting in there.  Trust me on this.  And because it was disgusting in there that means my clothes are disgusting, including all the ones I can't bleach.  Grr.

Anyway, I strongly recommend to anyone that detects the slightest whiff of mold in their washing machine to at least take the cabinet off and look around.  There are loads of instructional videos on the web that walk you through everything.  It's not that hard to take the basket out on models like mine if you want to do the whole thing yourself, though it does require a special wrench.  Otherwise, call a pro.  Or if you're rich, buy a new washer.