Friday, September 23, 2011

Mini to the Max

I just finished upgrading my iPod Mini Gen. 2, and it was a fairly straightforward procedure.  I mangled the aluminum case slightly getting the top and bottom plates off.  But I'm hardly a fashionista, and it never leaves the house, so I don't care.  (I use it with various sub/sat systems positioned around the house.)  I do care that even with the old 6GB microdrive still installed, the new battery boosted play time from 2-3 hours to at least 15.  I haven't tested the play time with the flash card, but it should be even greater.  You don't need a super-fast flash card when upgrading, as the specs on the microdrive weren't all that great.  The battery and the flash card cost about $37 including shipping. There are instructions on how to do this all over the intertubes.

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