Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oh, We're at War Again?

I suppose I should say something about this, since it's quite likely that more people will die in the attacks on Libya that started this afternoon than from the reactor accident at Fukushima Daiichi.  But the insanity of getting involved in another conflict in a Muslim nation has left me a tad despondent.

I frequently make fun of people that don't care about politics or pay attention to the news, but that outlook makes a certain kind of sense.  The news is damn depressing.  Why is America involved in another military conflict, when there are still over 40,000 troops in Iraq and over 140,000 in Afghanistan?  Why are we talking about deficit reduction when unemployment is over 9% and underemployment is over 16%?  Why are we talking about cutting Social Security when it makes no contribution to the deficit?  Why are we talking about cutting domestic discretionary spending when eliminating every single bit of it would only cut the budget deficit in half?  And on and on and on.  I keep saying I will pay less attention, but I can't make myself do that.

Compulsive behaviors - I hates them.

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