Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Best Way Out Is Always Through

Easy to say if you make it through. That's still in doubt for the Detroit 3 unless sales pick up. My guess is sales will be 10-11 million in 2009 and 11-12 million in 2010. That won't be enough to keep Chrysler going, or Ford and GM profitable. Update: Or Toyota.

Sadly, Saab sales continue to tank despite making good cars. Happily, Hummer sales continue to tank, to the relief of eyeballs across the nation. MINI had the biggest gains over the past year, but sales of the single-model brand are still miniscule (heh).

Chrysler is the worst performing group, though Nissan isn't that far behind. Ford, Honda, and Toyota had nearly identical declines in November 2008.

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