Friday, July 13, 2007

Open Letter: Veto Overrides

Dear Representatives and Senators,

I am writing today to express my hope that you will vote to override Governor Douglas's vetoes of the Energy Bill (H.520) and the Campaign Finance Bill (S.164). Like nearly any bill of consequence, neither is perfect. However, they do move the state in the right direction, and the vetoes were unwarranted.

While the bills should become law on their merits, I also want you to vote to override the vetoes because I want progressives (Democrats, Progressives, and any who sides with them) to stand up to the Republicans, and this Republican in particular. Governor Douglas has far more control of the public debate in Vermont than he should, given his stance on the issues, and he has been able to frame the debate in his favor. I want progressives to show leadership by fighting hard for what we stand for, and passing these two bills is a perfect opportunity to do so. Progressives need to show we are organized and committed if we hope to win the 2008 gubernatorial race, something we desperately need to do in order to move Vermont forward.

Please travel to Montpelier on the 11th and vote to pass these bills. Doing so is the right thing for progressives, Vermont, and the whole world.

Thank you for your time.

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Marie Luise dans Harvard said...

Dear Peak VT,

You mentioned Montpelier; could you say if that is were the Agricultural school of the original main campus of the state's University was located?

Also, did you see the response you received here? How could you reply to that, he may well be right?

Thanks for the info, if you could answer the question!

Marie Lo’uise